November 8, 2016

halloween, part one


The time when the dress up boxes come out and we spend an afternoon trying on all sorts of humorous and strange costume combinations. 

My old Jr. High choir dress...

He took it to the next level here.

This combination was pretty creepy, too.

This year, Perry was the only one who knew for sure what he wanted to be for Halloween. He was 100% Optimus Prime from the start. I bought his costume weeks in advance. The rest of these children rummaged through the dress up boxes and changed their minds a hundred times. In the end, we headed off to the ward trunk or treat like this: 

"Mom, what are you going to be?" Layla asked as we were rushing to get in the car. As we walked out the door, we grabbed the fox tail and ears and viola! I was in the Halloween spirit, too.

The two little ones came home with bags full of sweet loot.

Kyler and Kacin missed most of the candy collecting because they were off playing football, but they got more than enough.

Kyler traded hard with his siblings in order to end up with two of each candy.

While Perry refused to trade anything.

The next day, when Eric was back in town (the pumpkin carving tradition falls on eric's shoulders), we pulled out the pumpkins and they started carving away.

He loved that big ol' pumpkin.

Layla drew the face on and Eric cut it out with the knife.

They worked hard to make Optimus Prime on Perry's pumpkin.

Where was Kyler during all of the pumpkin festivities? He was working hard on writing a talk for sacrament meeting on tithing (and he did a great job presenting his message the next day at church!).

Kyler got to work on his pumpkin the next day.

Avoiding the camera by burying his face into the pumpkin . . . .

I never did get a picture of the final result, but he carved out the "Star Wars" name (like on his shirt).