November 10, 2016

halloween, part 2

We went to dinner at my mom's house the day before Halloween so everyone dressed up again.

The older boys and I worked hard on creating a haunted house for all the younger ones to go through. Grandma was the witch that guided them through the haunts and spooks. 

We took the kids two at a time and these girls were a little nervous about what was waiting inside to scare them.

I took pictures with the lights on so we could remember our haunted masterpiece, but everyone went through in the dark with just a few candles lighting the room.

When they walked in the room, the witch offered the kids a snack. They put their hands into the bowl and she told them not to worry because it was only worms (cooked pasta).

Then they walked through the "bat cave" and stopped in front of the spider and its web (and the trapped skeleton). While the witch was telling them about it, Kacin popped out from behind with a flashlight casting on eerie glow on his face.

Next the witch told them not to wake the sleeping man and that they should tiptoe to sneak by them. Of course, as they were walking by "sleeping" Eric woke up scaring them half to death and growled at them.

The witch then showed the kids her collection--of heads!

She led them along and told them just to step over the blood on the carpet.

Finally, the witch told the story about the famous man in the picture--who apparently haunts the place.

The little girls were terrified the first time, but it must have been a good terrified because they asked to go again and again. I think they went through four times! They took care of grandpa on his first time through.

Perry and Logan did not love the haunted house like those girls did. They survived once and then they were both done with that scary room.

We attempted to get a cousins picture in costumes before all the adults went into rooms and the kids went door to door trick or treating.

On actual Halloween, the costumes changed once again. We took Gandalf, a Disney World tourist, a pirate, and Optimus Prime through our neighborhood in an attempt to meet some of the new neighbors. Only a few streets have finished houses here so after we went to our neighborhood, we met up with a friend so the older boys could go trick or treating by themselves. 

We came home with a frightening amount of candy. 

I had to laugh at Perry's stash of candy when I found where he was hiding it all.

Happy Halloween 2016!