November 4, 2016

beautiful weather and sibling friendship

There is something magical about Halloween in the desert. It marks the turning of the weather! November 1st came and suddenly the morning air was crisp. And now it is actually pleasant to be outside. during the day. Like in the afternoon even. I was beginning to think these days would never come down here in the desert! But, thankfully, they came. And I feel like rejoicing. I mean, I wore jeans (jeans!) all day yesterday without wanting to rip my clothes off. Then, today, we rode bikes during the day. And the front door handle did not burn me when we walked into the house after getting Perry off the bus. I'm quite happy about this. I hope we don't see that thermometer climb up into the 90s for a long, long time.

While I'm sitting here rejoicing about the weather, Perry and Layla are being the sweetest siblings to each other. They are playing nicely together. Perry even sang Layla "Lullaby" to get her to pretend sleep. These moments don't seem to last long (because they sure know how to fight with each other), but I just want to soak them up when they do.


Because they may fight and argue and tease each other, but they are ultimately each other's best protectors and friends.