November 30, 2016

a teenager

He hit 13!


We have an official teen in the house. But there couldn't be a better one!

Kyler is patient, strong, resilient, forgiving, peace keeping, competitive, fun loving, smart and just an all around great guy.

We had so much fun celebrating him. Somehow his birthday celebration spread over many days.

The week before his birthday we took him and some friends to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie. We had pizza and ice cream before heading to the movie.

On thanksgiving, since we had all that family around, we sang to him and Jacqui (who share a birthday).

On his actual birthday, after a motorcycle ride with grandpa, we went for a hike.

We then surprised him with a bunch of balloons. There were slips of paper inside each balloon directing him to open a present or giving him a coupon to decide on a birthday treat, a family activity, and where to eat out for dinner etc.

After the hike, we went to see the new disney movie at the theater. Unfortunately, after the movie Kacin was sick so birthday activities came to a halt. Which really just means that his birthday celebration was extended over the course of even more days (we got the treats the next day, etc.).

We love you, Ky-by!! You are going to rock your teenage years.