November 23, 2016

a few days of thanksgiving

Today I am grateful for nearby grocery stores stocked full of food. And money so that Layla and I could buy a cart full of good stuff to nourish our family.

I am grateful for my kids hardworking teachers. And enough food to fill our bellies.

I am grateful for cute turkey crafts.

I am grateful I got to hear some spectacular music last night at Kacin's band concert (he plays percussion). And for opportunities for all those elementary kids to develop their talents at school.

I am grateful that before Kyler went to bed last night he told me two good things that happened at school that day.


I am also grateful that Eric works from home. So when Perry had a big potty accident this afternoon he went to his dad to clean it up instead of me. Good choice, Perry. And a big thank you to Eric for taking care of that one.