October 23, 2016

Toothless Perry

Oh man, our Perry boy got quite the surprise the other day.

He was playing upstairs when I heard him yell for me to help him.

As I was walking to meet him, I thought I heard him say "The poop came out!" Oh no, what mess was I about to walk into?!?

He repeated what he said, but this time was in my line of sight. With one hand up to his mouth and the other hand held out cupping something, I thought this time he had told me "The food came out!" He sometimes has acid reflux and will throw up in his mouth. Though I didn't think throw up was a much better alternative to what I first thought I heard...

But when I got a little closer and he repeated himself one more time, I finally understood!
"The TOOTH came out!"

I was relieved. And after I explained how normal and ok and exciting it was to lose a tooth, my little buddy felt quite relieved, too.

We were all so excited for him! The tooth fairy came that night and he left him a few quarters. He clutched those quarters all the next day.

We discovered then that his second front bottom tooth was also loose. We checked on it each night to see if it was ready to come out. One night I asked if he would open his mouth so I could wiggle it. Without even looking at me, his sweet reply was simply "Wiggle, wiggle!" We laughed with him at that one.

Wednesday afternoon I got an email from his teacher telling me that his tooth did indeed fall out at lunch. She said he was "cheesing" to everyone in the front office to show off his two missing teeth. And he told everyone that the tooth fairy was going to come tonight so he could get more money for Legos.

So that is two missing teeth for this little guy. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up!