October 13, 2016

those September days, the rest

I was lucky enough to go with Kacin's class to visit the MIM. I love going on field trips with my kids. Especially when they are older because, man, it is just fun!

I had never been to the MIM before. I thought it was a fascinating museum. It was both interesting and enjoyable to learn about music around the world. I learned I need to study geography a little bit better. And that God's children around the word are extremely creative and talented. Music is such an important and powerful part of our experience as humans.

Kacin and I had a blast pointing things out to each other. But I did notice he was quick to walk away every time I started dancing to the music. I can't quite understand that because that group of girls, his teacher, and I all had some pretty sweet dance moves. I dare you to listen to all that music and not tap your toes, sway your body, or jump around!

Kacin and I have had a little ongoing joke about Elvis. We stepped away from the group for a few minutes to find the Elvis section.

We had a great conversation with two older ladies who lived during The King's era and remembered watching him on the Ed Sullivan show, etc. I was pretty excited to see everything Elvis so they asked me how old I was. Ha! Elvis spans generations, doesn't he? They took this picture for us.

Kacin's teacher took this picture of us chaperones.

What a fun group of 6th graders!

Layla is mastering the art of the selfie.

For seven days, we had painters in our house working their wall magic. I'm so relieved to have that done and to feel like I can hang things on the walls now!

I think that basically wraps up life in September.