October 5, 2016

those September days, part one

September was rough for me. I think even through some tantrums because nothing seemed to be going right. It was a culmination of smaller things. But even the smaller things have a way of piling up enough to get you down sometimes. Which makes me so glad when I remember to take pictures of our little life here. It reminds me that we may go through some stressful and emotional things, but there is so much light and joy scattered in between. I need to remember that sometimes. Life is good. Here are some more of those good moments from September.

We set a trap for Kacin. When he walked into his room 30 small papers fluttered to the ground. Each one told him something Eric and I love about him.

The boys got new soccer balls and left their boxes in the car. When I picked Layla up from school, she discovered if she put the box on her head she looked like one of Perry's beloved transformers. And then for the next five min, it was "I am a robot, I am a robot. I am a robot. . ." all the way home.

We got our own real robot at home. Before we took the Roomba out of the box, we joked with the kids that we got a pet dog. They thought that thing was pretty cool. And then Layla named it Spot. And as she pet its head she said she would take care of it. I thought everyone understand it was just a joke and it was not really a dog. But the next morning, I heard Layla pat her legs and call to "Spot" from across the room. When it didn't come, I heard her stomp her feet and take a seat on the stairs. She was mumbling angrily to herself so I went to check on her. With her arms folded across her chest, she huffily told me "That's not even a real dog!!! That vacuum is just a vacuum!"

Kyler will sometimes serenade me with the songs he is learning in his guitar class at school. I love hearing him play!

A few weeks after we moved in, we did a little more exploring of our new community. We visited the big park and the water, saw the splash pad, and journeyed along the paths. It is a beautiful area. Especially when Eric models for the camera. He cracks me up.