October 14, 2016

conference weekend

The tradition continues--matching pajama clothes. This year, in honor of our big move, we all got ASU attire to wear General Conference weekend.

We soaked up as much as we could during the sessions. I keep telling myself that one day it won't be so loud in our house and that I won't be so exhausted that as soon as I sit down during the day I fall asleep. Until then, we listen to as much as possible and then I look forward to studying the addresses when I get my magazine.

In between sessions, we tried to get out some energy. We walked to Sprouts to get candy to munch on during the second session. We also went to my parents house so the boys could all watch the Priesthood session with great-grandpa Allen.

We went on a walk along the canal Sunday afternoon. Everyone had to point out something beautiful along the way. The boys made sure to point out a dead bird. To add to our adventure, it started to sprinkle. I told everyone it would stop and we would be fine so we kept on walking. And then it started to pour. So we ran to take shelter in the nearest house under construction. 

It started to let up so out we went. Before we got very far, it started to dump again so back we ran to our shelter.

We were finally able to emerge and hurry home before the rains continued.

All that rain left our backyard a beautiful mud pit.

After the last session of conference, Perry couldn't resist it and spent a good thirty minutes out playing in the mud by himself. Eventually, the other three kids joined in for a good mud fight. A little mud never hurt anyone.