October 26, 2016

a weekend in the mountains

Let's start off with this amazing selfie. Thank you, Layla!

The infamous cockroach keeps appearing around here, scaring many of us to the point of jumping, to the delight of the tricky person in current possession of the fake bug. It even came along with us on a weekend getaway to the mountains.

We had some friends from our new ward invite us up to their family's cabin for part of fall break. My kids were in heaven on the ATVs.

We found some really beautiful spots and it was nice getting to know another family better.

Layla had her first slumber party while we were there. On the second night, all of the girls slept out in the loft. Before it was time to sleep. I walked in to this sweet little group playing "Truth or Dare". I occupied myself in the loft for a few minutes because I was a little bit curious about how they were playing this game. I knew had nothing to worry about when the truth questions were things like "What's your favorite pet?" and the dares were "I dare you to jump from the couch onto that pillow." And there was always the option to "pass". What fun, good girls!

I got to fall asleep next to this sweet buddy boy at night.

Before we came home, we drove over to see Eric's grandma. We were so lucky to get to see Josh and Jasmine again before they left (they are such an amazing couple! I adore them so.).

Sweet, Grandma Mary. Oh how we wish she was still down in Mesa so we could visit her more often!