October 28, 2016

we will NOT be doing this next year

Hands down my favorite time of year and tradition in Washington was going to the farms, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes all over Snohomish. 

Since we loved it so much there, we decided to give it a chance here in Arizona. 

Big mistake!!

 The line to get into the farm was horrendously long (30 min to buy our tickets!). We should've just walked away right then because it was so ridiculously crowded we could do hardly anything else.

Another thirty minute wait and two of our kids rode on the oldest working carousel (I think in the US? or maybe just Arizona). Layla got on one of the original horses.

We watched the pig race (Perry had a HUGE tantrum when I was saving spots with him and Layla. Thank goodness for kind people around us who magically became kinder when I apologized and thanked her and explained the autism thing).

We gave up on all of the other activities and went on the hay ride.

 It dropped us off at the corn maze.  It was approaching 100 degrees and I think we all wished we were swimming in a pool right then not wandering through a corn maze. After maybe fifteen minutes, we got ourselves out without finishing so we could get our pumpkins and get home.

Everyone picked a pumpkin off of the dusty ground.

He only wanted the biggest one because he wants to turn it into Optimus Prime.

We told him if he wanted it, he had to carry it.Oh did he try with all his might! He even tried recruiting Layla to carry one side for him. In the end, daddy took pity on him and carried it for him.

Layla went through lots of pumpkins trying to find the perfect size for herself.

She finally found the perfect one.

Arizona has a lot to offer. Pumpkin patches and farms are not one of them. Oh well. In the end, we got our pumpkins and we had an adventure. But I think we will be making other plans next fall break.

October 27, 2016

AZ state fair

We spent another fall break day at the az state fair. I do not even know when the last time was that I went to a state fair (But I do remember once when I was little (maybe like 7 or 8?), I won first place for my snickerdoodle cookies at the fair. But that may have been the county fair. Whatever it was, I am that skilled.), but we got in free with canned foods and made the most of it. 

Each of the kids picked a few rides to go on. Every time I ride a ride, I can't help but think how Disneyland is amazing and nothing else compares. It's true. But there was still some fun had at the fair, I guess.

Kyler was the only brave soul who went on this crazy high flipping contraption. He is fearless.

The other kids were quite happy on rides like these.

It was our first experience with fried fair treats. Yuck. None of us really liked it.

Then there were the animals.

And this is when Perry discovered selfies. He wanted one with every animal.

I would hold the phone and he would press the button. Like this.

He clutched that map everywhere we went.

We finished the day with two shows (percussion and some car racing) and the last ride.