September 15, 2016

our Perry boy is 6

We celebrated this little man's birthday a few weeks ago.


6 years old!

I can't even express how much I love this little boy of mine. He brings smiles to my face each and every day. My life is better, I am better, because of him.

Was it really just four years ago that this little cutie joined our family?

Now here he is a tall, sweet, fun 6 year old.

And this 6 year old was adamant that he did not want to invite his school friends to his party. He didn't want "grills" (girls) either. He just wanted Rescue Bots. That's all.

I looked all over and never found rescue bot party decorations. I thought about making some, but we didn't even have a printer in our rental house and I am no artist. So I took Perry to Target to pick something else out. Which I described a little bit back here. In the end, he bought a set of batman party favors and he sorted them into bags. He also picked out the punching balloons. So, at his party, we ate pizza and then he passed out party favor bags to all the kids. The kids played with the little toys until it was time for cake and presents.

(get ready for a slew of bad phone pictures)

We sang happy birthday and let him blow out the candles. I can't believe I didn't get a close up picture of the cake my mom made him--she made a rescue bot transformer face on top. He thought it was pretty cool!


He opened presents and was quite pleased with his loot--rescue bots, Legos, rescue bots books, a game, and a batman robot transformer.

Before his family birthday party at home, I met him at school and ate lunch with them. Then we celebrated his birthday in the classroom with cookies. It was so sweet to watch him carefully pass out birthday treats to each of his friends.

I have a feeling 6 will be his best year yet.