September 13, 2016

i'm here

My phone dropped from the second story to the tile floor yesterday. It did not like that. At all. And let me tell you, it was just one thing after another yesterday, including some surprising challenges with the boys new soccer league and culminating in the swallowing of a bug while E and I were out walking. Seriously, the majority of my days do not seem to go smoothly or productively, so I have to keep reminding myself that at least I had the money and the time (too long) it took to go get the phone fixed (even though that's not exactly how I wanted to use my money or time). And we have good health. And each other. And food, clothes, clean water, and the sun. Count my blessings, shrug my shoulders, laugh when I can, and keep on going.

After more than 7 weeks, I have a desktop computer and working internet, too. It feels strange to be typing on a keyboard instead of my phone. But it's so much faster.

I went out to eat over the weekend with some awesome ladies from some of the wards around here. One of them is just starting to build a house and was talking about how much she loved her design center appointment. I will never understand women like that. I am trying to pick paint colors right now and I am ready to throw in the towel and leave it all white. Or just go into hiding until someone else picks for me. My phone is filled with pictures of paint colors and living rooms. This is the current color I am leaning towards for our main living space.

I feel like a pendulum right now. One minute I am feeling so good about our decisions and our house and then, for whatever reason, I swing towards the weight of the stress and worry of everything that needs to be done or isn't going smoothly in life. I'm happy, but I'm exhausted. 
Wade and Nancy said...

The new decorating color I have been seeing is a light avocado green. A cool color for a warm Phoenix. Green goes with everything