August 23, 2016

update on our house


I'm quite certain we are going to be moving into an unfinished house. Our close date got pushed back last week. But we had to push back too because we have to be out of our rental house. We found a compromise of just under two weeks time from today. We are so hoping that it will all come together by then. I desperately need it to. I know it's a seemingly small thing in the scheme of time and life, but this has been so stressful. And I'm going crazy here.

But even though the process has been long and grueling and frustrating at times, the worst part about building a house is that there is no one else to blame when your design choices don't look that great. I'm not in love with our floors like I was with our floors in Washington. And we walked into the bathroom and saw the grout color of the tile and Eric and I both said "oh man, that looks terrible! Who would've picked that?" Come to find out it was us.

I am full of hope that it will all come together in the end.