August 17, 2016

These days

Kyler joined drumline. He wasn't planning on it, but it just sort of happened. He is excited, but it means I have to drive him to school an hour early every other day. Which miraculously has worked out, considering each kid starts school at a different time and I'm flying solo because Eric has been in Washington the last few weeks.

I am counting down the days until this month is over. Because then we will finally be moving into our house and Eric will be done traveling. And then you can be sure we will be holding trainings for our kids on things like how to put your clothes away and how to empty the dishwasher properly. So many things we have had to let slide lately because nothing has a real proper place in our little rental. 


I figured out why Perry's toy cars and trucks are usually up like this fire truck. He pretends they are rescue bot transformers. His birthday is coming up so I think we just may need to invest in a real transformer for him...

Perry was supposed to make a puzzle piece all about him to hang up in his classroom. We were a week late, and this was possibly made more by his brothers than by him, but this what we came up with--our crazy family, swimming, rescue bots, legos, and sweets. That sums up Perry.

Layla talks all the time about how much she misses her best friends, Miriam and Quinn. Really, these three were the absolute greatest together. Layla really wanted to get them each a present. So I let her pick out a small toy and a bracelet for them. She made the sweetest cards for them. Eric delivered them on his next trip back to Washington. She hasn't stopped talking about her best friends.

Layla and I have had lunch with Perry a few times at his school. He is so excited when we come and visit. He gives us both the biggest hugs.

We are loving all of the cousin and grandparent time. We don't live really close to each other, but close enough that we can get together.

We took our kids on a tour of my growing up in mesa. We passed by my house on Fraser fields and my old schools Edison, Kino, and Westwood. I can't say that my children were as excited as I was when I pointed out restaurants I ate it during high school and friends houses and even one of the houses Eric and I lived in when we were married. But hopefully they found it somewhat interesting to see a glimpse into our past.

We finished at the Mesa temple visitors center.

We have been trying really hard to be healthier around here. We are doing a little family challenge and keeping track of the fruits and vegetables we are eating and the amount of water we are drinking. We are limiting our sweets and trying to exercise more. That first week we were pretty awesome at it. And here we are at week 4 and the healthy habits have digressed a little. But I still think we are eating better than we were a few months ago. And our goal is simply to develop healthy, life-time lasting habits. One baby step at a time.

My car broke down a few days after we moved here. While I was in the middle of no where coming home from my parents house. Thankfully, we were able to get it to a car place and they fixed it for us the next day. We were so lucky that it didn't happen while we were driving from wa to az. And now we know a good mechanic in the area.