August 3, 2016

science center and international fountain

I told my friend that I would pick her and her kids up from the airport a few days before we moved. So since I was heading down to Seattle we decided to make an outing of it. Layla, Kacin, Kyler, and I headed to the science center first. 


The butterfly room is always a favorite.

We got to see an IMAX documentary about earth from space. So fascinating! And such beautiful pictures of our gorgeous planet and the stars.

The best part was the special Lego art exhibit. We were all pretty amazed and inspired by this man's work. So many Lego's to make such cool art work!

At the end, you could sign your name on a Lego brick and add it to the ever evolving Lego statue created by all the guests.

Before we left the science center, Kyler got to take a spin on this balance bike on a track high up in the air.

Then we had just enough time to run through the international fountain before we had to get to the airport.