August 30, 2016

out with Kyler

Kyler had early release from school one day last week. Like, go to school at 9am and come back home at 10:30am early. And I loved it!

He got some homework done before lunch. Then we dropped Layla off at school and I got to take him to the Natural History museum in Mesa. I loved the one on one time with this boy. And let me tell you, going to the museum with a 12 year old was quite different from going with a 5 year old (when I took Layla a few weeks ago). I enjoyed each experience. They were just so different. It was really nice to have that time with just Kyler though. 

We thought this looked a lot like Sparky, the ASU sun devil. We had to take a picture for Kacin.

We were also quite proud of ourselves for putting together the clay pot puzzle.

To end the day, poor Kyler was eaten by a dinosaur.