August 19, 2016

natural history

Layla and I spent the morning at the natural history museum in Mesa. This was a new museum to me and we had a blast exploring it.

We panned for gold and worked on dinosaur puzzles.


Hmm, I guess she wasn't too thrilled to be on the rocking dinosaur.

But she loved brushing for fossils.

Speaking of natural history, let's talk about my children. And the history of what they naturally said today. 

I made Perry pick out birthday party decorations. Really just birthday plates. And I really had to force him at that. But he also grabbed batman party favors. He really wants those. And he does not want to share. He does not want friends to come to his party (which is fine). But he has also extended that to he does not want girls to come (which means no me or Layla). But he does want all of those party favors he grabbed. Tonight at dinner I explained to him (again) that he could have one on his birthday only if he shares and gives one to all the kids (cousins and siblings). I thought I had reached him when he finally said "fine!" He put his head on the table. And then he went on, "I'm not having a birthday then." Dun dun dun

Perry is also going through a stage in which you can not call him anything but his name "Perry". "P-E-R-R-Y". Not buddy. Not cutie. Not P-dawg. Just Perry. He will call you out on it. He will be upset until you correct yourself.

Layla was playing with Macie this evening and it was time for Macie to go home. Jacqui gave the girls a one minute warning before it was time for Macie to go. Layla said "Can she just go now? I'm pretty sleepy."

See, they are naturally cute and stubborn and funny and ornery and honest. And I naturally adore them.