August 5, 2016

good friends

Washington is an absolutely gorgeous place to live. 

But the most beautiful part of living there was the people.

We had so many wonderful people in our lives--humble, kind church leaders, fun friends  from schools, wonderful families who we thought of as our family, two of the sweetest ladies who became our surrogate grandmothers in so many ways, and more. We lived there almost 7 years. Some of that time was lonely and hard, but most of that time we felt so unbelievably blessed to be surrounded by who we were. There were so many thoughtful, amazing people that we crossed paths with. It was hard to say goodbye to such lovely people!

We had so many months to prepare before we moved and I'm glad for that. It gave us time to say our goodbyes and soak up the time we had with those people.

Sweet sister Barnhart gave Perry a Lego set when she said goodbye to him. She was one hundred percent an answer to my prayers when I was at an all time low and super struggling. Perry adored her and her kind, calm demeanor.

The night before we left, we had one last girls night. 

There was birthday cake, Poldark, and some of the best ladies (we missed some who were out of town or couldn't make it). What more do you need in a night?

I was also given kind presents that I will always cherish. I don't have pictures of them all because they were carefully packed away before we left, but I will mention just two here.

Sundi stopped by the day before we left and brought us lunch. She gave each of the kids treats for the road and my gift included this sweet sign.

Sundi has watched my kids and visited with me at least once a week for the past four years. She is an angel and she means so much to our family. She is a dear friend!

I wish I had a picture of this one. I was also honored to be the recipient of the traveling friendship pillow. It is a small red throw pillow embroidered with a quote about good friends. I was given it by my sweet friend Caroline. Caroline received it from a good friend when she moved away from Virginia. The lady who gave it to her received it from a good friend when she had moved. Isn't that fun? It's a little out of style and a little corny, but so fun! I feel honored to receive it, and eventually to pass it on.

I wish I had pictures of or could tell you about  all of the wonderful people in Washington. They have shaped us and supported us and we miss them already!