August 16, 2016

a welcome to our new home

The first thing Kacin wanted to do when we drove into town was go look at our new house. We walked through the model home and then went to our actual house. We were quite surprised that we had something sitting inside our house welcoming us.

Furthermore, there were already pictures hanging on our walls.


Thanks, Schlinks, for the funny surprise!

We are still boggled by the whereabouts of the priest. . . is he buried in our foundation, up in our attic, inside a wall?? will we find him when we dig to put in a pool?? Or is it all just a mind game??

*i realize this might seem a little odd or sacrilegious if you don't know our game. This game has been going on for maybe about seven years. This statue, and another ("the priest") have turned up in random places over the years and have been passed within our family. The first time, they were found watching tv at my sisters house. From there, they have been found on doorsteps, in cars, around the house. They have traveled to family reunions. They have been to Utah, Wyoming, and Washington. They have even flown on an airplane. And so now it's our turn to plot the next appearance. 
Holly Decker said...

that is the funnest game ever! i wanna do that to someone now! hahaha :)
when we moved into our house there was a strange porcelain indian woman sitting on our counter top. i should have taken that as a sign that i needed to start welcoming people with it!