July 11, 2016


We said a lot of goodbyes to wonderful friends at church yesterday. There will be even more goodbyes said throughout the week.  I will miss my washington friends dearly.

However, the excitement is setting in and the thought of being in arizona and (eventually) our new house is thrilling.

Not everything is magically working out though. There is one big piece to the puzzle that hasn't been sorted out yet. It's still that thing called employment that is throwing us for a loop. Which is pretty nerve-racking sometimes.

But the thing is, this decision to move feels so right for us. We are making a very deliberate choice to make happen what we want and feel is best for our family.

While we stay pretty optimistic, to be honest the anxiety and worry has hit us pretty hard sometimes. Of course it does. We are crazy, but not so crazy as to lose sight of reality.

However, we did not make this choice because it would be the easiest. We made it because it feels right. And right does not always mean easy. Sometimes the right choice will mean a lot of work and a lot of hard, and a whole lot of faith.

We have prayed and fasted throughout our decision and during job interviews. Like I said, things haven't magically worked out yet. But, as I've learned from life, I don't see the big picture like God does and I need to trust in Him.

Some may say our prayers haven't been answered, but I have been feeling so strongly lately that they are. Heavenly Father is listening. And while we wait to figure out the right job, and try to be patient about it, Heavenly Father is blessing us in whatever way he can along the way. He has given us feelings of peace and comfort. He has sent "angels" to our side at exactly the moment we needed it most. He has blessed us with the vision to see how some disappointing things that have happened lately have actually been blessings in disguise. So even though he hasn't handed us a job on a silver platter, He is there listening, encouraging, strengthening, and guiding us along.

He is there for you, too.