July 20, 2016

On the way to az

It took us three nights and four days of driving to get down to Arizona. We made a little vacation (as "vacation" as 24 hours in a car can be) of it and stopped along the way.

When we got to salt lake we spent a couple of hours on temple square. We went to the church history museum which had such beautiful art and the exhibits were well done. I could have spent a long time there soaking it all in but our highest priority was getting to the children's area to play for awhile.

We went to both visitors centers.

We love the temple!

Kyler took this beautiful picture of the reflection.

We went up the Joseph Smith memorial building and peeked at the church rooms and chapel and then enjoyed the view from the top. Perry had an obsession with elevators this day and this building seemed to satisfy that.

After temple square, we got to visit with Kyler and Kacin's biological brother. What a great kid! We loved catching up and spending time with him.

We spent the night in the area and the next day we hit the road again. We stopped in St. George for a little hike among the red rocks. In 106 degree weather. We lasted about 40 minutes. We soaked ourselves with water to keep cool. We learned our lesson about keeping kacins inhaler with us. But other than that, all of the kids were really good troopers. Perry especially. Until we started heading back and he had reached his max at that point. Then he burst into tears and asked to be carried because, and I quote, "I am having such a hard day!"

What a beautiful world we live in!

We drove to Vegas that day. We went swimming at the hotel's pool, but I refused to spend any more time in that city. 

Monday morning we were all so excited to see the signs welcoming us to Arizona!