July 17, 2016

actually moving

We are in a hotel in Nevada right now. We are so close to Arizona! Yet this actual moving our stuff and ourselves part of moving has dragged on for so long I wonder if we will ever actually get there . . .

It started on Tuesday when the moving trailer was dropped off at our house. 

Actually, it started months before that as we slowly started packing up boxes. And our home transformed from a cozy familiar home to a bare boxed up, wrapped up house.

Layla took my phone and captured our home during our last few days in Washington.



So the moving trailer came and, with the help of many hands, we loaded that thing up. And the whole time I was filled with feelings of guilt because these nice people had to lug box after box and furniture piece after furniture piece to the trailer. And if this wasn't bad enough the trailer had to be parked on the opposite side of our cul de sac since our driveway was too steep. It was a long walk (even with the help of dollies and the minivan). So bless all of those kind souls who came to help! I think next time we move we will sell all of our stuff and start fresh because I never want to move that much stuff again. We were so relieved when it miraculously all fit into the trailer!

Loading the trailer is way more fun as a kid than as an adult.

We loaded on a Wednesday and planned to clean on Thursday so we could leave at a decent hour on Friday. But Thursday filled itself with an unexpected dentist visit to fix my crown, car tires that needed attention, and house selling signing. Which didn't leave as many hours in the day as we needed. 

In the end, we got it all done on Friday around noon and said our final goodbye to beautiful Washington and the home we have loved and the wonderful friends we have made and began our travels to our new home in Arizona.

We drove to Boise that first day. And as I predicted, we made a hundred stops that day. The funniest of the stops was when we had to pull over because Perry dropped a toy on the ground. Kacin tried looking for it three times but couldn't find it. So then Perry went into hysterics that someone stole it. More specifically "the monkeys", that have lived and frightened him from under his bed for so long, were the thieves. Drat, I thought I told those monkeys to stay behind. After 20 minutes of hysterical crying, Eric decided we needed to pull over. He quickly found Perry's item and all was right with the world again. And that sums up how we travel these days. 



But we did eventually make it to Boise safely. And have since had more traveling adventures. But I will save those for another day.