June 2, 2016

these days

Kyler is doing an english unit that includes writing and performing monologues. I have loved watching him practice and perform for us at home! He impresses me with his confidence, expression, and creativity. I was never that comfortable and confident at the age of 12. But I am so glad that he is! And he has every right to be because he is so smart and fun and extremely capable.

I taught my last week of co-op preschool. I'm so glad we did this. It has worked out perfectly for me and for Layla. On the last day that I had the kids we held a bike-a-thon. The kids had fun riding their bikes on the course. I stamped their hand each time they went around.

one kiddo abandoned his bike for an easier method.

Popsicle time!

 Ellie got her recital costume. Precious girl.

While we waited for Kacin's baseball game to start, Kyler and I had a nice stroll down the mill creek trail.

We finally took Kyler on his easter-promised date. We went and saw Captain America with him.

I woke up one sunday and decided we were walking the almost three miles to church. It was a beautiful day for it. And resulted in some good conversation with my older boys. But of course the 10 minutes that Layla actually got out of the stroller to walk resulted in a twisted ankle for the poor girl.

Flattering picture, I know. But let's document the fact that Layla and I have been enjoying some really good bike rides all around.

The cutie found daddy's sweatshirt.

Kacin's baseball season is winding down. They won their first game in the tournament! It's been a fun season for sure.