June 26, 2016

seattle weekend

We used some of our respite hours and had just over 24 hours to play in Seattle, just me and E.

We started our afternoon off at the temple. Which was really great and wonderful for many reasons, but also a little dramatic when I started to pass out when we were the witness couple. The workers jumped into action and were really great. I was quite embarrassed by the whole thing, but I am fine now. I think it was just a blood sugar thing. Though I made an appointment with a dr. just to be sure. 

Anyways, after that drama we enjoyed the rest of the temple session and then we were off to downtown seattle. We decided we wanted to do some of the touristy things of seattle before we move. We decided on the Underground Tour. 

We played some shuffleboard before the tour started. I had no skills at this game.

Then we joined our tour group for some history of seattle. We headed underground into the tunnels . . .

The history of seattle was interesting, but quite dark. The tunnels were musty and a bit creepy. and I decided I did not want to be under there if there was an earthquake. So I was happy to be above ground again.

Eric has always wanted to eat at Paseo's. We made that dream happened. We thoroughly enjoyed that caribbean sandwich. yum.

Then we met up with some of our friends at Red Mill burger. After burgers and shakes we headed over to Locurio--a puzzle room.

We were all brand new at escape rooms and we weren't sure what to expect. But it was a blast! When I was reading reviews about where to go, I read reviews from a couple different people who claim to travel across the country, or even the world, trying out different escape rooms. I thought it was a little weird and crazy why someone would do that, but we had such a fun night at Locurio's I kind of get it now.

We had a late night visit with the Fremont Troll.

Then we checked into our fancy hotel in downtown seattle.

Our view from the 22nd floor...

We spent Saturday morning at Pike Place Market.

We ate a piroshky for lunch and then headed home to take Layla to her dance recital.

I love down town seattle. I am going to miss having this vibrant city so close.