June 11, 2016

family picnic at microsoft

Microsoft threw another fun bash for families. We ate so much. kettle corn, ice cream, sno cones, bbq, lemonade. Our tummies were stuffed.

A new thing this year was a big water slide. We could hardly get Perry to eat because all he wanted to do was get on that water slide. Imagine the disappointment when we got over there and they told him he wasn't tall enough. Thankfully, the worker cheated a little and let him go down just once. 




And when kyler got off of the slide, instead of climbing out like I thought he was going to, he threw himself down under the water with a huge splash, soaking me, Layla, and a family of four walking by.

The kids had fun with water balloons, rock climbing, a bounce house, and obstacle course. 


Perry and Layla got balloons--a pink pony and  a sword.


And all the kids sat to have their caricature drawn!





It was no easy task getting Perry to sit there and smile. Thank goodness for the artist's batman tattoo! I've never been so grateful for body art.



I wish I had a picture of Layla when she first sat down in that chair to model for her picture. She was trying so hard to be still and smile. Too hard. The more we told her to smile and relax, the more she shrugged her shoulders, widened her eyes, and drew her chin back revealing double chins. The artist asked her if she was in pain. And I all could do at first was laugh. I finally got myself in check and became a good mom and helped her sit forward and smile more naturally.


We also took the perfect picture for our 2016 Christmas card: