June 23, 2016

ending the school year

Summer just snuck up on me this year! We have been so busy with house stuff and concerts, recitals, and celebrations. And then, all of the sudden, it is here. The kids are playing outside and watching tv and, most importantly, I got to sleep in past 6:30am this morning! Yay for the first day of summer break!

These last few weeks of school have been filled. 

Kacin and his baseball team ended the season strong. They almost made it to the second to last tournament game.

Layla had her first ballet recital. She was counting down the days for ballet class to be over. Sad. I guess it's not her thing right now. But she sure looked cute up there on that stage. I snapped some pictures from backstage during the dress rehearsal. The actual performance looked similar, except her finger was up her nose then. She was the third from the left, the one who kept twirling and twirling even when it was time to stop.




We also loved Kacin's school concert. It was a musical review. And it was full of energy and lots of fun watching these kids dance and sing across the stage. The 5th graders performed songs from "Oliver". And Kacin got to stand on the table. And he made sure to dab before he stepped down. 

Layla graduated from preschool.

Us moms graduated, too.

There was an authors celebration at Kacin's school. I got to lead a group of kids as they shared their writing. Kacin got a little goofy when I asked for a picture.

Kacin "graduated" from 5th grade. I'm sorry, but I still think 5th grade graduation is the silliest thing. Sure, I'm proud of Kacin and it's fun to celebrate him, but by golly I think sometimes too big of a deal is made out of things. And this is one of them. But I went and supported and cheered for him and all of his friends. And most likely we will be celebrating again next year at the new school because 6th grade is still elementary school in our new district.

 Kyler had a fabulous year in 6th grade at middle school! He had a fun party at school, but I didn't make it down there to embarrass him.

We also celebrated a great year in kindergarten for Perry. We loved his teachers. He loved going to school, riding the bus, and being with his friends.