June 3, 2016

5th Grade Camp

Kacin and Eric packed their bags and traveled by school bus to spend two nights at camp Orkila.

The 5th graders had a blast at camp. And Eric counted himself pretty lucky to get to chaperone a bunch of crazy 5th graders.

This little hike was a highlight of the trip for Kacin. It didn't surprise me to hear that every free moment Kacin, Caleb, Grace, and Kate spent together.

These are some pictures from Kacin and Eric's day time activity group.

Kacin was lucky enough to get two of his good friends from his class (and church) in his cabin group. Here they are on the ferry over to the island.

Kacin made it up on the high ropes course.

Classic 5th grade right here. Because life is not complete without a dab.