May 12, 2016

These Days

We have just two more months. Can it really be? Just two more months until our life in Washington winds down and we head on our way to begin again in Arizona?

We have so much to do before then.

Though it's made a little more progress since these pictures were sent to me, our house has a long ways to go, too.

But after this week all of my other "things" will be finished and I can focus in on the packing and cleaning and all the horrendous details of moving.

I need to sit down and document all of these other "things" that have filled up my time. Instead, today I am sharing some of the everyday things.

Like Layla's puppet shows.

And Perry's "mad" faces. I had to try and take pictures of him when he was mad, sad, and happy for an ABA program. This is what I got one morning.

His little faces forever crack me up. I need that. He needs that. His cuteness saves him. Like last night. He was OUT OF CONTROL at bedtime. He hit, he threw, he dumped and kicked stuff at me. I took just about everything out of the room then resorted to turning the door knob around to lock him in his room until he calmed down and was safe again. He destroyed the closet and threw some leftover furniture around. As soon as he was quiet, I opened the door, he asked nicely to go to the bathroom, then, just like nothing happened, he sweetly let me tuck him in and he fell asleep. Goodness. And good thing he is so cute.

She was a cutie too. Layla still talks about her.

We spend hours each week at Kacin's baseball games and practices. The weather has mostly been nice. And we find bunnies and woodpeckers by the field, too.

After one exciting game, Eric and I took Kacin on a date to get a treat.

Sometimes the stuffies have fun parties while we are away.

Warmer weather means yard work and trampoline time. One of Layla's saturday jobs was cleaning off the trampoline.

I got to be a chaperone on Kacin's field trip to UW Engineering Discovery Days.

 Kacin has pitched a few times.

For Perry's date, we took him to Mod pizza. He loves going on dates, especially when they include his own drink. This lemonade is our favorite.

His "mad" face again.

We also had Perry's IEP meeting. Layla came with us. I normally wouldn't have this documented in photos, but Layla was with us and during this two hour meeting, we had to pull out the phone for her. We feel so blessed to be working with such a wonderful team. We feel confident and good about the outcome of the meeting and his IEP for his new school next year.

Perry was beaming when he got off the bus one day. He told me how he and his friend Max had each tied their sweatshirts around their waists. Whether he was excited because he had tied it himself or because it was a friendship thing with Max, I don't know for sure. But I was so happy to see him so happy.

It's not a picture session without the "mad" face.

I'll end today with Candy Land. Perry keeps bringing this game to Eric to play together.

Barb said...

I think this is a first, not one picture of Kyler, but everyone else. you know what i mean. does this mean Kyler is getting older? The pictures were/are beautiful!

Laura said...

I know, I realized that. He hides. I'll get him next time though!;)