May 16, 2016


The words to the hymn "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" keeps popping into my head lately. Actually, just that line does because I do not have the rest of the song memorized. But that phrase and the idea that each life that touches us for good is a blessing and a strength and a reflection of christ and His love for us keeps coming to my mind. 

We have been blessed with some pretty wonderful people in our lives here in Washington. I could make a looong list of the amazing people that have inspired me, taught me, and strengthened me. Maybe I'll write that list in my personal journal. Because I would forget someone if I tried to do it in a post. Or maybe it would be weird because some people I would mention are people I've hardly ever spoken to, but their example or their words have made a big impact on me. Does that happen to you, too? Small things or moments make a lasting impression. But I can't be seen as distant, secret admirer. and then go public with it. That would be weird. So I'll move on now to my point. Because Sundi knows how much I love her.

Sundi was an absolute answer to our prayers when we got Layla and Perry and I was working part time. She came to my house and cared for my children with such love. And she did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen! And when I didn't need her to watch them while I taught preschool anymore, she volunteered to watch Layla once a week while I took Perry to therapy. See, she is wonderful! And I didn't even mention that she showered my children with gifts and candy on birthdays, after broken legs and smashed fingers, and just because. And she let us park our trailer on her property until we sold it. I have loved talking with her over the years and I have appreciated her counsel and our friendship.

And then she sold her house and moved out of the area.

And I thought to myself, "Well, this lady deserves a party!" There are countless others I know she has blessed, too. But we just collaborated with two other friends who adore her and invited Sundi over for a brunch.

After the yummy food and visiting, we played a game that Layla and I made--Pin Sundi on her new house!

We gave her letters and gifts.

We all love Sundi. We will miss having her close by! She has brought so much good into our lives.