May 31, 2016

soak it in

I keep reminding my kids to look around and soak all of this in.

Washington is absolutely breathtaking, when I stop to appreciate it..

The trees, the plants--all of the GREEN is such a stark contrast from what you find in Arizona.

I went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden one afternoon while the P Man was at therapy.

I had a whole hour to just breathe it in.

I just wished I had more than my iphone to capture the beauty with, like maybe I should've brought a professional photographer with me.

I walked the trails, but every once in a while I would stop and pause or find a bench to sit on for a moment.

And that's when I saw it.

 In the details.

I noticed individual leaves, drops of water, small flowers, a unique tree branch, the light shining just right through the leaves . . .

I saw more and more. 

Just pretty things I hadn't noticed at first when I was hurrying along the trail.

It does me good to stop and just notice occasionally.

What a beautiful world God has created for each of us to enjoy!

Just slow down.

And soak it all in.