April 12, 2016

two more feet

We had this incredible spring break vacation at the ranch last week. I planned to upload all of the pictures onto the blog today.

But late last night two new little legs toddled into our house to stay for awhile. I don't know how long she will be here, but my heart is swelling with joy today because of this opportunity to serve and take care of her. If only for a few days.

My children love playing the role of older sibling. They are helpful and sweet. Layla, especially, is in heaven being the "big sister".

Bringing another child into our home helps me to see better. My perspective shifts. I notice each child's unique and impressive personality and character as I spend a little more time watching them all interact. I reflect on our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness. I see my priorities more clearly, and feel my purpose and joy. I feel deeply lucky and grateful for my life of safety and love.

It's remarkable how quickly you can love another little human being that comes into your life. She is important. I look in her eyes and I know it.

It does not matter how long someone will be a part of your life. Love them.

She will most likely not remember me after she leaves us. That's not important.

But each and every little life is important. And Eric and I feel blessed to have five precious lives under our roof tonight.