April 10, 2016

new office

The thing with microsoft is that they move the offices of their employees around a lot. Eric has basically stayed in the same group since he started working there three years ago, yet he has moved office buildings three times. And I know he moved offices within a building at least once. 

This last office move happened during our spring break. Perfect timing for us to meet dad at work for lunch one day and check out his new office. He was still waiting on his book shelves and hadn't had any time to unpack his boxes yet so the room looked a little bare. Well, until we drew pictures for him and taped them on the wall.

We sure love this guy and that he works so hard for our family. And that he puts up with our crazy in the cafe surrounded by colleagues. Let's just say, you don't see many families with kids eating together at the microsoft cafe chugging chocolate milk after chocolate milk like we were.