April 25, 2016

nature vs. nurture

I sometimes feel like our family is a living case study of genetics and the whole nurture vs. nature debate. With two sets of biological siblings, we have noted some interesting similarities and differences between the two sets.

One set of siblings has always been early risers. The other set will sleep in.

One set will eat anything and everything. The other set is extremely picky.

One set is super athletic, coordinated, and physical. The other set is a bit calmer and has to put in a lot of effort on the gross motor play and movement.

One set is imaginative and creative. The other set tends to be more realistic and logical.

It's pretty interesting to watch some of the things they inherently do.

Then we had a visit with Layla and Perry's biological sister. While personalities are different, it is fascinating to see similar mannerisms and note a little health issue that all three children have. And it was pretty funny when Layla told them the name of her doll (Olivia) and it happens to be the same name that her bio sister uses to name her dolls! Pretty funny coincidence, or something.