April 5, 2016

General conference

As the oldest, Kyler was the first to benefit from our family tradition to visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City and attend General Conference when 12 years old.

Eric and Kyler left Friday afternoon and drove all night, only sleeping in the car for a few hours. They spent the entire day on Saturday on Temple Square. They watched two sessions of Conference in the Conference center and one session in the Tabernacle. They spent time in between at the visitor's center and enjoying the beautiful temple grounds.

They drove back home on Sunday. It was such a short trip, but I know they both had a super great time together.

I was at home watching conference with these three.

There was lots of coloring, eating, magnatile and lego building while we listened to the beautiful messages of our beloved church leaders. In between sessions, we went on walks and stopped at parks. 

Look at the picture Perry colored! He told me trees are green. He wrote his name (do you see that beautiful "P" all by himself?). And he told me he was 5, but he wanted help writing his number. Love this!

My family messaged back and forth a little during the sessions. My sister sent this picture of my cute nephews and niece enjoying conference.

At one point, I sent them the above picture of Perry's picture . . . 

Aww, my sarcastic sisters. hahaha

All sarcasm aside, there were so many great talks given at conference! I am REALLY looking forward to studying them during my personal study like I did the last 6 months. The talk on Fatherhood and the talk on Family Councils stood out to me this time.