April 20, 2016

ensign ranch, part 2

The horses, canoes, and wagon ride of Ensign are huge highlights of the trip.



We walked through some deep horse manure to get out to the horses. Layla found it quite fascinating to take pictures of horse poop.

We got out to the horses and, what do you know, Perry decided that this year he was going to get on that horse! We quickly got him on first before he changed his mind. The entire time he was up there, he told Eric he was scared, but he did it!! I'm so proud of that boy.

Layla was happy as could be to ride a horse again.

We practically forced Kyler and Kacin to ride the horses one last time. Led rides have lost their appeal, but trail rides weren't open yet so that's what we had.


On an impulse, Kyler and Collin jumped in.