March 21, 2016

these days

Perry is really into Legos these days. He is now building things almost entirely by himself. He watches Lego youtube videos and then gets to work on his own similar creation. Isn't this a cool car pulling a trailer?

I was so lucky to be one of the chaperones with Kacin's class on a field trip to see a play. 

I love watching this little ballerina. Even though she spends half of the time distracted by her clothes, fingernails, or watching everyone else . . . She's pretty cute. 

More random things I found in a box and said goodbye to . . .

From the 9th grade tennis team . . .

A seriously sparkly folder with nothing else but magazines from back in the day . . .

Well this is quite the treasure of a creepy folder. I had two troll dolls, too. The boys took those to scare their friends with.

An old notebook I used as my "journal" and my "school work" when I was really little . . .

I filled page after page, as a 5 year old, practicing my cursive and writing important stories.

This hung in my room during high school. Ha!

A gift from a friend after we dissected our fetal pig in 9th grade . . .

Pogs. Yep.

My first scripture case I received as an 8 year old.

Such treasures. But it was time to say goodbye.

 We made rainbow toast during "R" week at preschool.

We may not have gotten it finished (and started) until the very last minute, but Kacin worked hard on a fun science fair project. An ice cream project was totally him.

Layla and Eric went to a daddy daughter activity at the stake center while I was gone to the YCL retreat.

Perry's swimming-ish! He is floating on his belly and moving around. So exciting to see progress.

Kacin started baseball. I love watching him play.

And when the sun peeks its head out, we all love playing at the park.

Perry has been insisting we bring his Lego cars along with us. Everywhere.

I love volunteering at the schools. I go in every couple of weeks for a short time. But it's great to see my kids working and with their friends.

This is classic Kyler refusing a smile during his math class.

Until he pretended to write on my back. Then he laughed when I freaked out about the open highlighter joke.

Girls night out to celebrate a few birthdays this month . . .

Isn't this a beautiful cake?

And they brought out the sombreros.

These trees are the most lovely things in the neighborhoods right now. This picture does not do it justice.

Making a little progress on our Arizona house . . .

I am on the RS committee and we had an adult dinner to celebrate the RS's birthday.

I love working with these ladies on the committee. They are so talented and fun.

Eric got roped into smoking the pulled pork and making some bbq sauce. Yum.


Eric was also a great contestant on family feud.