March 17, 2016

layla took my iphone pictures

Layla had two friends over to play. Just before their moms came to pick them up, we turned music on my phone so they could have a dance party. Both of the moms arrived, and while we were all talking, Layla and her friends had a little photo session all over the house. I deleted over 100 pictures and there are plenty more. Plenty more.

Some of which are quite artistic and cute.

And some are this.

Did you notice these care bear roller skates in the pictures?

They were mine when I was a little girl! They were in one of those boxes I was sorting through under my bed (we also found my american girl doll and Troll dolls!). Layla loves them and skates all over the house in them.

I found another set of Layla pictures, too.

Can you tell what movie we are watching? (well, except Perry who is in an intense Batman stage)

Star Wars (layla's request.)

Little Layla has informed us all that she will be having a Star Wars birthday party this year with a death star pinata.