March 28, 2016

Holy Week

We tried our hand at Holy Week to celebrate Easter and to better remember our Savior. It was a simple plan. We would talk about each day by hanging up the key words on strips of paper and looking at corresponding pictures.

Sunday. I forgot.

Monday. We did Palm Sunday since I had forgotten the day before.

Tuesday. Eric walked in the door and I walked out the door for a camp meeting. No Holy Week talk.

Wednesday.  Eric walked in the door and I walked out the door for Camp Kick-off. No Holy Week talk.

Thursday. We caught up by doing Monday-Thursday in one night. To keep interest, we took turns hiding the slips of paper around the room and finding them before hanging them up.

Friday. We were upstairs getting everyone in bed when I remembered. I was too tired to go downstairs to get our papers so we read straight from the scriptures and had a mini discussion.

Saturday. We colored our Easter Eggs.

Sunday. We watched the Hallelujah videos before heading downstairs to see what the Easter bunny brought in our baskets.

Obviously, we weren't "perfect" at even our simple plan. But I feel it was a valiant effort to start a new wonderful tradition. I loved having the pictures and key words hanging all over our kitchen. What a lovely reminder to reflect on and remember our Redeemer, Jesus Christ throughout each day. I laminated our strips of paper so we can use them again next year.