March 4, 2016

disneyland 2016, part 2

After three days at the parks, we took a rest day and went to Newport beach.

We, also, had most of the day on saturday open before we caught our plane home. We strolled the Pier at Huntington beach and then roamed the grounds of the Newport Beach temple (where Layla and Perry were sealed to us two years ago).

Layla the photographer

We flew home Saturday night without too much trouble. When we got home, most of us were just happy to fall asleep in our own beds. But Perry was most excited to see his Legos again. He didn't care that it was 11pm at night. He had missed his Legos all week and all he wanted to do was play with them. We gave him a few minutes to play while everyone got ready for bed. But he wouldn't let them leave his fingers so he slept with them.

It was a truly wonderful vacation. Yay for disneyland 2016!