March 31, 2016

take me out to the ball game

Kacin had his first two games of the season this week.

He still loves playing catcher.

We love his coach and love his team. This will be a fun season!

March 30, 2016

in our car

The temperature rose into the low 60s yesterday. The sun was shining. Oh, what a beautiful day!

As I drove home from a meeting with perry's aba team, I rolled the windows in my car half way down for the first time in ages, it seems. I can't even say how nice that was.

Music. Fresh air. Speed.

I spend a lot of time in my messy car. And I'm always baffled how much stuff accumulates there. Socks, coats, shoes, toys, coloring pages from church lessons, missing lunch boxes, goggles, basketballs. Even when we remind everyone to grab their own stuff on the way into the house, someone leaves something behind.

I like to think the mess means we are more than just messy people. I hope it defines as church-going, sports playing, park exploring, clothes wearing, food eating, active and involved people.

And it's easy to look past the mess when you have these cuties riding around with you.

March 29, 2016

easter eggs and hunts

Kacin told me one of his friends got to find 60 candy filled eggs on Sunday morning. I don't know if that's true or a little exaggerated. But, man, that's a lot of candy. Too much of a good thing, I think.

When I was little, all of our egg hunts were mostly real, hard boiled colored eggs hidden in the backyard. We would find and then re-hide and then find again. The egg hunts would continue inside, too. I know we got a few plastic candy filled eggs. But just a few. It was mostly about enjoying the fun of the game.

When we were coloring our hard boiled eggs this year, Perry told us the eggs were going to turn into candy. Wishful thinking.

We have this little tradition to decorate eggs for each other. The older boys didn't want to do that this year. "Why don't we each just make them for ourselves?" they suggested. But Eric assigned each of us a person to make for. Kacin gave his to Perry. Oh, you should've seen the smile on Perry's face when Kacin told him it was for him! His eyes lit up and he was so thrilled! Kacin noticed, too. "Did you see how happy Perry was when I gave it to him?" YES.

My egg from Kyler. I love his new tape trick!

We went to a ward easter egg hunt on Saturday morning.

The easter bunny came sunday morning. New books, gum, a watergun, and two chocolates. You bet there was a water fight throughout the house.

The easter bunny, also, left a basket of jelly bean and money filled eggs. After breakfast, it was so rainy outside so I hid the eggs downstairs. No, our kids did not get 60 eggs each. More like 12 jelly bean eggs and three money eggs. The golden eggs also had a promise of a different date with mom or dad--dinner, movie, treat, or shopping. We are looking forward to them cashing in on those.