February 18, 2016


Layla worked hard on making her valentine's. Though, I think it is a good thing there are only 6 kids in her class. She got tired writing everyone's names.

But she loved the class celebration and getting a bag filled with valentine's love from her friends.

Perry made a similar homemade valentine. His favorite part was putting the stickers and candy inside the pocket.

The night before his school Valentine's celebration he sat down at the art table all by himself. He made this cute little decorated card and glued it onto his bag.

Kacin is kind of over valentine's. He only made these because I made him do something or he couldn't receive valentine's candy from his classmates. Ha!

We had a special valentine's breakfast sunday morning. Kyler and Kacin made each of us sweet valentine's and I gave each person a bag of candy bar cookies.

We spent the rest of that day at a special stake conference (that I actually got to listen to most of!) and then playing games and eating dessert and enjoying time with some good friends. And that made it an extra lovely valentine's day.