February 5, 2016

Just like his brothers

I think I mentioned before that Kyler and Kacin have been into Legos lately. Specifically, that they have been into making working Lego candy machines. They watch video tutorials on you tube and make their creations.

One day, when the Legos were out, Perry sat down by the Lego bag with the ipad in hand. On his own, he pulled up a Lego tutorial on you tube. With the video playing on the floor beside him, just like he'd seen his older brothers do before, he built his own Lego candy machine. How sweet and wonderful to see him trying to do something just like his older brothers!

When he was finished he asked me to get some candy out for him. He had a spot in the middle to put the m&ms. Then he placed the Legos back on top to close it off.

His very own candy machine now sits on his shelf.

One more thing. He sure loves those older brothers of his. I was talking to Perry about the new house. I told him he could have his own bedroom. He doesn't want that though. He insists he will share with his brothers.