January 11, 2016

Sledding in Oregon

The day after our early Christmas, we left for Klamath Falls, OR. Oh, it was a long drive, but everything went smoothly and the kids were great. Even when the roads turned into this.

It was beautiful, but our speed became slow and steady. Eventually we made it to Stef's house safely. Just in time to get the kids to bed and take selfies with my sisters. haha

On Christmas Eve, the next day, we got to enjoy all of that white, cold stuff that blanketed the ground and kept falling down. We went sledding for a few hours. We walked away with a few injuries due to a rock  and the jump at the bottom, but nothing serious and everyone had a blast. Get ready for a whole bunch of pictures here . . .

Injury number one--poor Kyler bumped his head pretty good and Perry lost his boot halfway up the hill!

Jenny and I have a thing for embarrassing head through legs bum shots apparently.

These two made a big snowman together. Before I sould take a picture of it though, Preston knocked it over (so then Eric tackled Preston into the snow. And I did get a picture of that which you can see later on.).

I'm surprised there was any snow left on the mountain when Kacin was through. He always had his mouth full of snow.

Lost a sled . . .

Perry had trouble keeping his Yoda beanie up over his eyes.

And lost his sled, too.

Doesn't he look excited?

I was a popsicle and he didn't wear his coat half of the time.

Perry crashed with Papa.

When they got started again, I tried to tell my dad to help Perry fix his beanie because it was falling down his face. My dad misunderstood and pulled Perry's beanie down over his entire face. So here came yoda and Papa down the hill.

And little yoda didn't even complain that he couldn't see.

Without even a coat or gloves! This cute boy of mine . . .

No matter how hard or how many times Perry crashed, he was ready for more. So papa and Perry headed up the hill again.

And came down with a crash and roll.

He was shaken up, but asked for more.

Papa faking injuries here for a little sympathy . .

When she got to the bottom, Layla decided she was not a fan of sledding.

Eric got his revenge on Preston.

Kyler got tackled just because . . .

Tyson threw snow while we attempted a picture.

Layla was happier scooting on her bottom.

Kacin took a tumble.

Look at that air!

It was a perfect Christmas eve activity to tire out all of the kids before Santa came that night.
Holly Decker said...

Beautiful for so many reasons!!