January 21, 2016

Eric's birthday

Eric woke up on his birthday morning and started putting air mattresses away and loading up the car in preparation for our drive home that day. Or so he thought.

There is a life rule, or something, that you do not travel 9 hours on your 34th birthday. Birthdays are for fun and, in this case, a surprise. 

We celebrated his birthday with everyone at breakfast.  

It was a sorry looking birthday bagel with the number 6 candle.

He was not going to let anyone else blow out his candle though.

He opened up all of his presents from everyone.

His last gift was a note. The note told him to say goodbye to all the kids and grab his bag because we were off!

Yep, I successfully, completely surprised him. And thanks to Stefanie's generosity in watching our 4 kids for the night, we spent 24 hours just me and him hiking, exploring downtown Klamath Falls, eating at food trucks, and going to the movie theater. Don't you think that's a better way to spend your 34th birthday?

Happy birthday to the best bearded husband and father and friend!