January 27, 2016

Arizona . . . here we go!

Wonderful Eric gave me a trip to Arizona for Christmas. I flew in to Phoenix on a Thursday night and back to Seattle on a Monday night. I had plenty of time to soak in time with family, relax, and  . . . do some house shopping!!

It was not the intention of the trip when Eric got me the tickets. But as we've been praying the last few months, it's been on our minds that the timing is right to move back to Arizona. So we figured I should look around while we were down there.

I was so happy I got to visit with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Allen, snuggle my new nephew, Grayson, and spend time with my other cute nephew and niece, Jacqui, Josh, and my parents.

Spending time with all of these great people just reaffirmed to me how wonderful it would be to live close to them again.

In between seeing all those people, and hiking and eating lots of food, we looked at new builds and houses with Jacqui's realtor (Jacqui is looking for a house, too). 

Now from our previous internet searching, Eric and I had each been individually drawn to a particular area. When I checked it out, I found a new build that we felt would be just right for us.

And, like a dream, before we knew it, we were signing a contract and wiring money and starting the house building process.

Other minute details, like a source of income, will be sorted out later. Doesn't everyone buy a house and then find a job?

Yes, it seems a bit crazy to us, too. But it feels right and we trust that it will all work out. And if it doesn't right away, we have back up plans.  

It feels a bit strange being so adventurous, but there have been a lot of small promptings these last few months to the point that we feel good about our decision. 

So in 6-7 months time, we will be moving into a house similar to this.

We will spend the next few weeks making all of the fun decisions on the design of the home.

And then we will wait, excitedly, for the day when we will be back under the Arizona sunshine.
Andrea said...

yahoo!!!! so exciting!!!

Jen said...

I hope you keep blogging so I can keep up with your family!! What a fun adventure for you all. So excited!!!

Holly Decker said...

SHUT UP! i am so excited about this.