January 26, 2016

2016 Theme: The 6 B's

A new year, a new family theme!

2016 is the year to
Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Humble, Be Clean, Be Prayerful, and Be True

To kick it off, we watched the talk by President Hinckley, a special address that was given back when Eric and I were in high school (oh, I remember going to this fireside so well!) , that introduced the Six B's.

We decided that each month we would focus on a different Be. And instead of setting year long goals, we would set monthly family goals.

January, Be Grateful, write 3 thank you notes
February, Be Smart, read a book together
March, Be Humble
April, Be Clean
May, Be Prayerful
June, Be True

Then repeat the 6 B's one more time each to finish out the year. We are going to decide on the family goals as we get closer to each month. Maybe, if I remember, I'll post them here.

Recap of last year-
In 2015, our theme was "The Family is Ordained of God" and we studied the family proclamation. I love the clarity and simplicity of that inspired document. I think it blessed our family to put a little more emphasis on learning the principles in that proclamation. We also came up with "mantras" to help us remember how families treat each other. They were: families forgive and move on, families communicate, families give hugs, families stay calm with each other, families tell the truth, and families speak nicely to each other.

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