January 29, 2016

These Days

Layla's preschool class went on a field trip to Central Market. It was probably the best field trip I've ever been on. That had a little to do with the fact that we ended up with 4 quiet kids and three moms (two of the kids couldn't make it last minute). But, also, we had an awesome tour guide and we walked away after an interesting and fun tour of the entire store with chocolate bars, oranges, cookies, fresh peanut butter, cheese samples, and snapdragons.

One afternoon, Layla had the play-do out. I ordered a cake from her. She made me the most beautiful play-do cake there could be, with blueberries on top. She told me it would be $20. I reached my arm out to give her my imaginary money. She told me, "Mom, I don't need pretend ones. Give me real ones."

Whenever I tell Perry something and he doesn't agree with me, he adds "Dad says" in his protest. For example, just yesterday we went out to the car and his booster seat was in a different place because I gave one of Layla's friends a ride. I asked him if he could sit in it in the spot it was at, but he wanted the car seat back where he usually sits. So he told me "Dad says, put it in the back." And then this morning when it was time to get ready for school, he told me "dad says" he needed to build a batman lego car instead. Because what dad says goes.

Kacin and Kyler have been building cool Lego machines. These are candy dispensers they made. They actually work when you stick a penny in. Sure beats the Lego walls I made as a kid.

While Kyler and Kacin were at piano lessons, Perry and Layla and I walked through some of the old neighborhood trails. It made me a little nostalgic for the days back when we first moved to Washington and Kyler, Kacin, and I would spend hours each week walking these very same trails and riding bikes through the neighborhood.We would even take family walks around that spot on Sundays. Kyler and Kacin were just a little older than Perry and Layla are now. As Layla and Perry found perfect sticks and pretended to fight bad guys in the woods, I could picture Kyler and Kacin running around doing the same thing 5 years ago. So many wonderful memories were unlocked by this place that I haven't been to in years.

Once we move away, there is so much about this area that I am going to miss. There is so much beauty here, not only in the scenery, but in the people too. We have been so blessed to live and grow here for awhile.

January 27, 2016

Arizona . . . here we go!

Wonderful Eric gave me a trip to Arizona for Christmas. I flew in to Phoenix on a Thursday night and back to Seattle on a Monday night. I had plenty of time to soak in time with family, relax, and  . . . do some house shopping!!

It was not the intention of the trip when Eric got me the tickets. But as we've been praying the last few months, it's been on our minds that the timing is right to move back to Arizona. So we figured I should look around while we were down there.

I was so happy I got to visit with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Allen, snuggle my new nephew, Grayson, and spend time with my other cute nephew and niece, Jacqui, Josh, and my parents.

Spending time with all of these great people just reaffirmed to me how wonderful it would be to live close to them again.

In between seeing all those people, and hiking and eating lots of food, we looked at new builds and houses with Jacqui's realtor (Jacqui is looking for a house, too). 

Now from our previous internet searching, Eric and I had each been individually drawn to a particular area. When I checked it out, I found a new build that we felt would be just right for us.

And, like a dream, before we knew it, we were signing a contract and wiring money and starting the house building process.

Other minute details, like a source of income, will be sorted out later. Doesn't everyone buy a house and then find a job?

Yes, it seems a bit crazy to us, too. But it feels right and we trust that it will all work out. And if it doesn't right away, we have back up plans.  

It feels a bit strange being so adventurous, but there have been a lot of small promptings these last few months to the point that we feel good about our decision. 

So in 6-7 months time, we will be moving into a house similar to this.

We will spend the next few weeks making all of the fun decisions on the design of the home.

And then we will wait, excitedly, for the day when we will be back under the Arizona sunshine.

January 26, 2016

2016 Theme: The 6 B's

A new year, a new family theme!

2016 is the year to
Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Humble, Be Clean, Be Prayerful, and Be True

To kick it off, we watched the talk by President Hinckley, a special address that was given back when Eric and I were in high school (oh, I remember going to this fireside so well!) , that introduced the Six B's.

We decided that each month we would focus on a different Be. And instead of setting year long goals, we would set monthly family goals.

January, Be Grateful, write 3 thank you notes
February, Be Smart, read a book together
March, Be Humble
April, Be Clean
May, Be Prayerful
June, Be True

Then repeat the 6 B's one more time each to finish out the year. We are going to decide on the family goals as we get closer to each month. Maybe, if I remember, I'll post them here.

Recap of last year-
In 2015, our theme was "The Family is Ordained of God" and we studied the family proclamation. I love the clarity and simplicity of that inspired document. I think it blessed our family to put a little more emphasis on learning the principles in that proclamation. We also came up with "mantras" to help us remember how families treat each other. They were: families forgive and move on, families communicate, families give hugs, families stay calm with each other, families tell the truth, and families speak nicely to each other.

Other years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

January 25, 2016

These Days

I started watching some silly tv show on netflix while I was folding laundry. In spanish with english subtitles. What I thought would be an early 1900s time period quick series ended up being a never ending three long season soap opera I was inadvertently sucked into. I was in a funk with a serious lack of motivation for a few days until I realized what soul numbing junk I was watching each afternoon. Once I realized it and broke off (without knowing what would happen to Julio and Alicia!) I started feeling much better. 

Perry and Layla are taking swim lessons again. We made sure we got the really good swim teacher this time. Layla and Perry are such opposites. Perry loves the water and is pretty much without fear in it. He has no problem dunking and throwing his whole body under the water. While little delicate Layla will barely stick her nose in.

This girl is constantly asking me to take pictures and video her (again, such a contrast from her brothers). The following pictures will demonstrate some of the times she felt needed to be recorded. I adore her.

Perry loves to help me in the kitchen with dinners.

Layla used up all of the tape hanging her art work and creations around the house on just about every wall and window.

Layla is dominating this post a bit.. She started a ballet class instead of gymnastics. She is enjoying it.

Perry started ABA therapy at a new place last week. We are going once a week. The new therapist seems confident. We will see how this goes again. Perry was having fun with the camera while we waited for the session to start.

Our children's museum membership expires at the end of the month so we are taking full advantage of the fun while it lasts.

Eric started coaching Kyler's basketball team. I think he is a cute head coach. And number 5 on his team is pretty awesome, too.

Kacin is on safety patrol at school in the mornings so he helps at the crosswalk. Man, I haven't gotten down to the school to take a picture yet (I think he is ok with that).

Twenty-eight more days until Disneyland!