December 15, 2015

the relatives came

We had a house full for a few days at the end of November.

First, my mom came to stay with us. There were adventures to the zoo and to downtown Seattle.

There was game playing, toys, treats, and book reading.

The cousins came next and, oh, did we have fun with this bunch of cute kids hanging around.

We went to the Children's museum and the zoo and celebrated Thanksgiving together. There were parades, dancing in the kitchen, glow baths, and more.

Perry did not want anyone to help or go near his building. He got  quite upset a few times. I had to pull him away at the end when someone accidentally knocked part of his stuff down.

But he joined the others and discovered the joy of demolishing.

Kacin found a few ways to keep himself entertained . . .

We don't get to see each other too often so it was so wonderful to see cousin friendships and bonds forming. We love these guys.