December 2, 2015

the gummee sharks

Kyler and Kacin wrapped up the soccer season a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a rough season for the team. However, even though they had to be the youngest team on the league--three players (including Kacin) had to play up and they lost two players due to injuries (a hanger to the eye and then a broken arm) and at least two of the boys had never played soccer before, the Gummee Sharks played hard, gave it their all, and improved throughout the season.

And the team name Gummee Sharks is pretty cool. 

The assistant coach to the team was the older brother of one of the players and he promised them gummy sharks each week if they spelled the team name like that. And how nice of him because each week, even after some hard losses, he followed through with a bag of gummy sharks for all the boys to eat. Kyler and Kacin were always so kind to share with Layla and Perry each week.

Those Gummee Sharks were a fun group of boys. 

At the end of the season celebration, each boy was given a certificate. The coach told everyone Kyler was solid muscle charging through with good ball control and Kacin was eager and receptive. They are both quite the athletes.

I think Perry wanted some of that . . .